12 reasons hiking is/are the end of the world as we know it

June 17, 2016

destruction of the world

Do not be misdirected of the title. This is all according to your perspective of the world as you know it. Not about the destruction of the world.
Hiking is becoming a trend for anyone who has the time and fortune to do so. But you gotta be sure what you’re getting in to because hiking isn’t as simple as climbing a mountain. There are still some things you have to bear in mind for your safety. Or its your last trip to take.

These are the Try Not To’s:
1. Try not to go alone. Since nobody listens to that, in any event, tell somebody in point of interest where you will be.
2. Try not to forget your blades at home or bring some poles to go hiking with.
3. Try not to be stiff-necked about guidance is given to you about the trail.
4. Try not to let yourself know that you needn’t bother with water. Water is your companion, and your partner ought to dependably be with you.
5. Try not to be excessively apathetic, making it impossible to pack a medical aid unit.
6. Try not to be untrustworthy and choose coats are not required.
7. Try not to tell the workers of the woods benefit that you are experienced and have the hardware expected to climb mountains in the snow.
8. Try not to forget to tell your loved ones you cherish them, as anything can happen.
9. Try not to get excessively unconstrained with new territory.
10. Try not to keep running from a mountain lion. . . Simply don’t.
11. Try not to persuade yourself you can’t be hurt. Trust me you can, and the mountain wishes to remind you.
12. Try not to “do it for the photo.” Please, simply, please.
Finally, if you are catching a ride, keep in mind that resembling a homicidal serial executioner is not going to motivate anybody to pull over tidy yourself up as well as can be expected.

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